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VIGA 150000 TISSUES - 10 pieces

VIGA 150000 TISSUES - 10 pieces

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USAGE: Unique innovative product - tissue for delaying ejaculation with local anesthetic. You can always carry the Viga tissue with you, it is easy and comfortable to use. Gently rub externally on the genital organ while it is erect 10 minutes before sexual intercourse. It is recommended to rub the genital organ several times with one tissue, evenly along the entire length. Viga 15000 wipes are compatible for use with all types of condoms. Viga wipes are for single use and once used wipes must not be reused.

INGREDIENTS: Viga wipes contain carefully selected substances of plant origin in combination with a local anesthetic, which blocks the transmission of stimuli in the peripheral nerves at the site of application (sexual organ).

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