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MACUN Intimo Vaginal LUBRICANT - 50ml

MACUN Intimo Vaginal LUBRICANT - 50ml

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USAGE: When used, in women who have problems with vaginal dryness, lubricants give a natural feeling of ease and allow the penis or a sextoy to slide smoothly. MACUN Intimo Vaginal LUBRICANT for women is a water-based vaginal lubricant, it creates a long-lasting moisture, after stopping of which you can simply moisten the area with saliva or add gel. Stimulation is strong, long-lasting and moisturizing. It is intended exclusively for women.

INGREDIENTS: Macun Intimo Vaginal LUBRICANT (30-40 uses, 50 ml) for women is made on a water and herbal basis, without smell and taste.

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