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USAGE: Poppers increase sexual desire in men and women followed by a strong feeling of lust. Poppers Rush relaxes muscles throughout the body, including the muscles of the vagina and anus, making penetration easier, and is especially appreciated by those who like anal sex. In addition to increasing sexual desire, Poppers Rush can intensify orgasms and enable longer duration of sexual intercourse. The effects of inhalation can be felt for about 15 seconds and last for 3-5 minutes. By repeating the procedure of inhaling Poppers, the feeling of relaxation is obtained for a long time. Caution is recommended when using, as excessive inhalation may cause side effects, such as headache, dizziness or nausea.

INGREDIENTS: Poppers Rush is the name for various forms of alkyl nitrates that are inhaled to achieve short-term stimulant effects.

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