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REISHI EXTRACT - 30 capsules 1750 RSD

REISHI EXTRACT - 30 capsules 1750 RSD

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USAGE: Reishi Extract is a nutritional supplement intended for people with weak or impaired immunity, autoimmune diseases, anxiety, depression, lack of energy, weak cognitive functions, malignant diseases, damaged endocrine system or diseases of multiple organs. The recommended dose is 1 to 2 capsules per day, taken with water after a meal, preferably after lunch.

INGREDIENTS: Reishi Extract contains 500 mg of pure extract of the medicinal mushroom Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) with an adaptogenic effect on the regulation of metabolism and health. The formula includes peptidoglycans (beta glucan), terpenoids (triterpenes), minerals and other bioactive molecules that contribute to strengthening immunity, increasing energy, reducing stress and preserving health and longevity.

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