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SAW PALMETTO - 30 capsules 1600 RSD

SAW PALMETTO - 30 capsules 1600 RSD

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USAGE: Saw Palmetto is a nutritional supplement containing low-growing saw palmetto extract, designed to maintain the health and function of the prostate and urinary tract. With regular use, it contributes to the maintenance of prostate function, testosterone levels, libido, potency, sexual function and protection of the urinary system. It is recommended for people with an enlarged prostate, frequent urination, difficulty urinating, infections and inflammations of the prostate or bladder, as well as those who want to regulate their testosterone levels. Dosage: 1 to 2 capsules per day, with a meal.

INGREDIENTS: The package contains 30 capsules with 500 mg of active ingredients (320 mg of Serenoa repens palm extract) per capsule.

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